How it works

  • profile


    First we create a custom profile for your surgery center with number of ORs, type of specialties, MediCare participation, and the accreditation agency you use (AAASF, AAASC, Joint Commission)

  • capture


    Accreditation replaces binders and clipboards with your iPad, iPhone or any internet enabled device. Get all of your required tests captured quickly and accurately'.

  • analysis


    Accreditation recognizes any value out of compliance or any missing data elements and alerts you immediately. No more missing information or incomplete reports. Your reports are set for compliance with your standards.

  • reports


    All data elements are recorded and tracked by date and available 24/7 from your secure website. Where appropriate, reports are sent directly to the Governing Board for immediate review and approval -- further ensuring the compliance process.

  • inspection


    Using Accreditation you are always ready and always prepared for any inspection. The inspector can simply log onto your account and have instant access to all reports and data.